Professional Services

Accounting & Reporting

  • Issuing the rent and service charge invoices based on rent-rolls provided by property managers (monthly/quarterly prediction), responsibility for rent-roll stays with a PM
  • Posting of debt collection and provision of open debtor listings to property managers on a regular (weekly basis) for debt collection or debt enforcement
  • Keeping tenants´ deposits overview
  • Keeping all service charge records and provision input data to property managers for service charge reconciliation
  • Recording of the day-to-day transaction as per IFRS/local GAAP (bank statements, invoices received/issued, bank statements, travel expenses etc.)
  • Bilingual descriptions of transactions (local language/EN)
  • Preparation of internal documents (FX revaluations, payroll bookings etc.)
  • Preparation of annual reconciliations, filling and archiving of accounting documents
  • Preparation of management reports and book closing for management report purposes
  • Communication with company´s management and staff
  • Identification and clarification of documents/transactions with low quality documentation and evidence
  • Attendance to the potential day-to-day queries from a client
  • Day-to-day communication with local authorities (tax office, National Bank, etc.)
  • Translation of documents to English
  • Regular (M/Q) book closing for management report purposes
  • Preparation of reporting packages in a form prescribed by the Client (Client´s templates)
  • Reporting under IFRS or other GAAPs requested by the Client
  • Reporting with EUR as a reporting and functional currency
  • Responsibility for meeting bank reporting obligations
  • Calculation of financial covenants
  • Collection of non-financial deliverables both from an asset and property manager and delivery to bank
  • Compilation of statutory financial statements in local language
  • Preparation of hedge accounting documentation to mitigate excessive tax leakage arisen from unrealized FX gains
  • A document prescribed by local law describing transactions and relationships/contracts concluded between related parties

Tax Advisory & Compliance

  • Review of VAT documentation and methodology
  • Electronic processing of VAT returns and other compulsory filings as per local law (e.g. VAT Control Statement)  
  • Electronic submission to the tax authority
  • Review of accounting ledgers and other relevant documentation
  • Preparation of the calculation of tax liability including discussion about relevant issues and topics
  • Preparation of the CIT return form
  • Electronic submission to the tax authority
  • Representation of a client in front of the tax authority (e.g. in case of a tax audit)
  • Tax registrations and de-registrations
  • Flexible support in everyday operations of a client
  • Quickly responding to less complex issues

Transaction Advisory

  • Full tax & financial due diligence (asset and SPV level) including seller’s capacity
  • Red flag report (preliminary and final), DD reports, (draft and final)
  • Review of relevant SPA sections and SPA negotiation (including enclosures)
  • Preparation and review of preliminary and final purchase price calculation including post-closing reconciliations
  • Review of relevant matters re. warranty & title insurance coverage

Corporate Services

  • Set-up of bank accounts (rent, services charge, general etc.) and access rights to the accounts
  • Management of all invoices received using a unique AIF approval system. All received invoices are uploaded into one single IT platform (either by ASB or by the property manager) and are then approved by the client. Allocation to cost centres is possible, if necessary. Approved invoices are automatically transferred into the accounting system which significantly improves efficiency of processes.
  • Preparation of payments upon approval of invoices, payment orders are prepared by ASB for client’s authorisation or are authorized directly by ASB.
  • Maintaining all agreements signed by the company (lease, utilities, general etc.)
  • Maintaining corporate records and registers
  • Filing corporate records in public registers
  • Organisation of shareholders’ and board meetings
  • Preparing various shareholders’ and board resolutions
  • Correspondence with local authorities and related parties
  • Other compliance with fiscal/legal requirements
  • Communication with a client about necessary steps/decisions
  • Individual projects based on client’s requirements


  • An establishment of a new company including all registrations and licenses or a sale of a ready-made (shelf) company including subsequent legal changes accommodating new shareholder and management structures (e.g. new directors, new articles of associations)
  • Provision of a person registered as a statutory representative/local director of the company in the Commercial register that would act as a sole director or a joint director with the client
  • Business and if necessary legal review of agreements to be signed, coordination of signing process with parties involved.
  • Single point of contact for all parties involved in the management of the property (property manager, ASB)

*this service is not provided in Slovakia


  • Registered seat at ASB premises at the address of a local office
  • Processing all communication delivered